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Tree Work & Corona Virus

Published by admin on March 31, 2020

The Coronavirus is affecting businesses across the country, however our tree crew is still working and is taking a number of measures to protect our staff and crew and customers. We will be following the government guidelines closely over the coming weeks, however at present, the virus doesn’t affect the work we do, and most importantly, doesn’t put anyone at risk.

Below we will go over a list of the measures we are putting in place, as well as our most common tree jobs that are being requested at this time.

Our staff and crew are following strict social distancing rules, ensuring, that they are keeping the recommended 6 feet apart from people and where possible traveling in separate vehicles. The majority of our jobs are carried out alone anyway, and only require more than one crew member when it’s a particularly difficult job. If any of our crew, feel even the slightest bit ill, we are asking them to self isolate for seven days, and only return to work when, they feel they are back to full health.

All of our equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each job, as a general rule to prevent the spread of infections or disease to trees and plants. We will continue our vigorous cleaning regimen but are ensuring our tree crews clothing, such as gloves, are regularly replaced and cleaned also. All of our tree crews have plenty of hand sanitizer at hand, and are distancing themselves from each other, as well as the general public as much as possible.

We will be following the government guidelines every day, and if the advice given is to stop working, then we will of course do so. We will take each day, as it comes, however, we are able to follow the government’s social distancing guidelines and therefore hope that we can continue to carry out our work.

While we understand that tree jobs might not be at the top of people’s to-do lists at present, it does present a great opportunity to get out in the garden, look at your trees, bushes and hedges and see if any work needs to be done. Jobs such as pruning and trimming are ideal to carry out at this time of year, just before everything starts to bloom.

If you do have any trees that need tree work now is the time to do it, before they start to bloom and birds start to nest again. There may also be trees that look vulnerable following the recent storms, so now may be the time to have them checked to ensure they’re not at risk of falling over in the near future.

When people have trees that they don’t always have the stump removed along with it, but old tree stumps can easily be infected with disease and attract unwanted insects. In some cases they can even be unsightly or take up a large part of your garden, so our stump grinding and removal services can help with this, removing the stump entirely.

As with tree work, pruning or trimming large trees, hedges or plants now is the ideal time to do it, before wildlife start to call them their home again for the year. Pruning and trimming at this time of year also encourages new, healthy growth, giving you a better bloom than if you left them how they are.

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